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Songs of the Days

Day 22: Your favorite song from a movie.

Unfortunelty, not the version from the movie, its a person playing it in this video. But i LOVE the theme from Independence day.

Day 23: Your favorite duet.

I'm going to define this as a duet.

The Confrontation-Les Miserables

Day 24: Your favorite cover song.
New Found Glory- My Heart Will Go On

Day 25: One of the Songs released in 2010 that you like

So to be truthful I had to look at lists of songs that came out in 2010. I really don't listen to the radio or anything so the new music I find is based on things that ppl put in their LJ or DW entries, facebook links, etc. So I was bopping around and then found that Blue Gillespie
released Synesthesia in 2010. I for some reason even though I normally detest this genre of music heart their song Black Waltz. (just as a side note, I really only like 3 of their songs and would never have heard ANY of their music if it weren't for a comment on a post either by thepyromanical1 or in tw_gleeclub
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The song in a much easiser to hear thing http://bluegillespie.bandcamp.com/track/black-waltz