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Sherlock love

What I love about some of the stuff I've read in the sherlock ficpromty thing I've been reading:

1) Anderson+Dinosaurs= <3 (and slightly creepy sexytimes...the myfanny+Anderson non con prompt squigged me out. Not even the knowledge that it would be a crac! fic and that its like a trainwreck situation you are compelled to read coudl get me to actually read it. )

2)Sherlock texting John during sexytimes :)

3) I now know what demisexual means .

The only thing that makes me kind of sad is that after celebrating that this fandom is relatively new, I realised that because it was new there isn't a boat load of fic. I had a torchwood obsession with fic that lasted from March/Aprish-about 2 weeks ago and I ALWAYS found fic to read. This is atleast an hour of fic reading a night.
I'm still finding sherlock fic now, but what about in a month or so?

I am going to rewatch the first ep of Sherlock tonight. Twill be great fun :)